All aboard

Working at Ueno

Design is how it works

Ueno is led by designers and developers. Everyone else is here to make their jobs easier. Simple, really.

Pride and joy

We do good work. That means we get to say yes to the projects we know we’ll be proud of, and no to the others.

Think small

The bigger we get, the smaller we stay. Does that make sense? We keep our teams nimble, our atmosphere healthy, and our organization flat.

Woman with crazy crab hands
A hand stand with hands
Man doing a tattoo experiment


Want to work in a beautiful office? Check. In a great city? Bingo. Want to go to a conference or take a course? You pick, we pay. Don’t like working with assholes? We don’t hire them. Want to eat pancakes in bed? That’s your own business.

San Francisco

Our bright and bustling office in Soma is a hotbed of creativity. We’re just down the street from Twitter, who for some reason still hasn’t asked us to work for them. What’s up with that?

New York

Our beautiful little corner of Soho is packed with cafés, bulging with restaurants, overflowing with shops, and teeming with creative people. Why do you think we moved here?

Los Angeles

Cool and breezy, and very, very easy. Our space in El Segundo in a part of a small community of creative companies hanging out at Silicon Beach. Come and say, like, hi, man.

No open positions

no positions


Our two-floor office in central Reykjavík is full of smart and busy people who occasionally look up from their work to admire the great view of the surrounding mountains. And hey, is that the smell of pizza?