Product Design Director

San Francisco

Let’s talk about you.

You’re insanely good at creating insanely good products.

You always find the perfect balance between big-picture and pixel-perfection, intuition and data, yin and yang.

Your team loves you. You attract fantastic people. You mentor and inspire them to do the best work of their careers. And you create a culture where they love working together and helping each other out.

And you call your mom on her birthday. We like that.

You know the ropes. Over eight years in different setups, from scrappy startups to leading a sizable design team. You’re not huge on meetings (good) and prefer to keep things lean and quick (also good).

You don’t spend a lot of time on fancy presentations for clients. You prefer communicating with them directly and often, and working in very close collaboration. And you like working with very varied clients in many industries. Sound good?

Bullet points? OK, here goes:

• You’ve got experience designing digital products on a variety of platforms

• You’ve got experience mentoring and growing a product design team

• You may have experience working in different settings: in-house, freelance/agency, and startups

• You’re a clear and effective communicator who works well with clients

• You’re excited about doing hands-on design work on projects, from early conception, to prototyping, to production

• You’re a multitasker! You’re a thinker! You’re into strategy! You solve problems!

• You sweat the details!

• You always read all the bullet points

So, what do you say? Feel like Introducing yourself? Just fill in the form here below, and don’t overthink it.

Talk soon.

This position is based in San Francisco. Valid work visa required. No recruiters, please.

San Francisco
San Francisco
San Francisco
San Francisco
San Francisco
San Francisco

San Francisco


Our bright and bustling office in Soma is a hotbed of creativity. We’re just down the street from Twitter, who for some reason still hasn’t asked us to work for them. What’s up with that?


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