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San Francisco

Okay, we’ll go first. We’re Ueno. A digital agency hell-bent on creating the world’s most beautiful digital products, brands, and experiences. Young-ish but maturing, small-ish but growing. Out of our fancy offices in SF, NYC, LA and Reykjavík we work with a bunch of companies you’ve definitely heard of, on projects you’ve probably seen, and products you may have used.

But enough about us. Let’s talk about you.

You’re organized. You wear all the hats. You’re a people-person.


Because that’s exactly what we need for our SF office. Someone who makes everything run smoothly and everyone more or less happy.

To be specific, someone who

  • Makes sure we have everything we need, and that it’s all in its place, working as it should.
  • Makes sure all our guests and visitors feel welcome and comfortable.
  • Is our first line of support when our IT is misbehaving.
  • Contacts our facilities people when our building is misbehaving.
  • Owns and manages office-related projects, like furniture deliveries, construction work, office improvements, and such.
  • Makes sure we get our lunch on time, and that we’re fully stocked with delicious (but not too delicious) snacks — preferably açaí.
  • Expertly marshals our people’s expense reports.
  • Takes care of our snail mail, packages and deliveries
  • Makes sure we always know where to find important company documents
  • Helps us plan all kinds of company events, like guest lecturers, barbeques, trips to the movies, happy hours, semi-happy hours, sort-of-happy hours, and so on — you get the picture.
  • Makes nice things like in-office massages happen (but not by doing them yourself, obviously, but by hiring someone to do them, duh).
  • Helps us celebrate things like birthdays, uenoversaries, and wins of all kinds — team wins, Rocket League wins, win-wins, and more wins. (We like winning.)
  • Makes sure the people who need to get into the office have the keys they need, and those who don’t don’t.
  • Makes our weekly transatlantic inter-office all-hands meetings go ever so smoothly.

So far, so good? Okay, there’s more:

  • You’ve got at least two years of experience managing an office.
  • You’re a people person! You love people, people love you.
  • You’re flexible, and you prefer solutions to problems.
  • You know practically everything about using Apple products, printers, Google G-Suite, and Slack. You can troubleshoot and train new hires to work with all these things, and you don’t judge the rest of us too harshly for not knowing as much about them as you do.
  • You’re not against a fast-paced and dynamic creative environment.
  • You’re, like, very good at, like, expressing yourself, like, verbally, in writing, and with, like, your hands, if necessary, so yeah.
  • Your obsession with keeping things organized borders on the unhealthy.
  • You’re friendly and approachable. Of course you are.

Still good? Yes? Ok, so what now?

Don’t overthink it. Introduce yourself! Fill in the form here below, including your LinkedIn profile, and we’ll be in touch if it seems to be a good match (But only if you’re authorized to work in the United States for any employer. Them’s the rules.)

Oh, and by the way: Ueno is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Duh.

San Francisco
San Francisco
San Francisco
San Francisco
San Francisco
San Francisco

San Francisco


Our bright and bustling office in Soma is a hotbed of creativity. We’re just down the street from Twitter, who for some reason still hasn’t asked us to work for them. What’s up with that?


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