Senior Producer, Product

San Francisco

Producers are the stewards of their projects. They work with clients, designers, developers and anyone else involved, making sure everyone and everything is aligned. They plan, budget, and bring discipline and clarity.

Hi. We're Ueno. 
But enough about us. Let’s talk about you. 
We need your help. 
Did you see The Producers? Well, that won’t help. Because being a producer at our San Francisco office would be nothing like that. 
You’d be responsible for — wait for it — project management and production. You have an SME in Digital Products. You’d make sure all our projects are set up for success. (We like success.) You’d be the wind beneath our wings, the glue that holds it all together, the exclamation mark after our jazz hands, the hand that rocks our cradle. You’d make sure work gets done, that our people are happy, and that our clients keep loving us
Experience? Yes! You’ve spent at least four years at a creative agency or a pirate ship, managing projects or accounts, or producing. It was tough, but you survived and always lived to fight another day.  

Here come the bullet points:
- Timeline! You make sure everything happens on time.  
- Budget! You make sure we don’t blow through it.  
- Clients! You hold their hand, and make sure they stay happy.   
- Logistics! You make the trains run on time for our team and our clients. (That’s a metaphor, by the way. It just means setting up things like MSA/WO, scope, kickoff, tools, etc. Nothing to do with actual trains.)  
- Communication! You have ways of making people talk. To each other.  
- New business! You make the transition from potential to actual client as smooth as possible.  
- Contractors! You help wrangle them, too.  
- People in general! You’re nice to them.  
- Resourcing! You figure out what we need and how to get it.  
- Best practices! You help us document how we do things, and you help spread the knowledge.  
- Feedback! You help our people get better, via feedback and mentorship.  
- Stuff! You help the rest of us out when needed, because that’s the kind of person you are.  
- Bulletpoints! Last but not least, you always read all the bullet points.  
So. What do you think? Sounds like you? Say hi and introduce yourself using the form here below. (Nothing bad will happen.) 
Only candidates eligible to work in the US and/or valid US work permits, please. Pursuant to the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance we absolutely don’t care if you’ve been arrested or have a conviction record. Ueno is a firmly committed diversity and equal opportunity. Your race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age or disabilities — none of it makes any difference to us.
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