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A recruiter at Ueno helps us find the best people and hire them. You are responsible for the entire hiring process, from the definition of a role to an employee’s first day at work.

This position is freelance.


Finding the right person is hard. (Even for one of Ad Age’s “Best Places to Work.”)

That’s where you come in.

You’re a matchmaker. You scour the earth, looking for the people we didn’t know we were missing. Kind of like a casting director on a movie, you go out and find the perfect actor for each role, big or small.

You know exactly what kind of people Ueno likes, and what kind of people would like Ueno. As Ueno’s recruiter, you will look for these people. You will find them. And you will hire them.


A few reasons we like you:

  • You get us. You quickly get what makes Ueno tick, and you’re able to explain it to others in a way that inspires them. You understand the company culture that got us where we are, and the business we’re in.
  • You have connections. You have experience hiring the kind of people who work for us — designers, developers and producers, for example. You know your way around their professional communities, no matter where they are, and you’re up-to-date on things like job requirements and salary trends.
  • You shake the tree. This job is not about waiting for people to show up. It’s about actively using your connections to find people who may not have thought of working for Ueno, and changing their minds.
  • You’re a good judge of character. You’re quick to analyze and evaluate a resume, which is good because you’ll be going through a lot of them. But you also know that there is more to a person than their resume — and Ueno sometimes prefers a square peg in a round hole.
  • You’re a strong negotiator. You will be responsible for salary negotiations and contracts, so this is pretty non-negotiable.
  • You’re organized. Your job is complicated. From helping hiring managers define roles to finding and screening suitable candidates, from coordinating the interview process to signing on the dotted line, you have a solid overview of a lot of things at once.
  • You see the future. You know what we need today, but you also have a strategy for what we’ll need a long, long time from now.
  • You’re nice to your waiter. It may not be strictly necessary for your job, but it’s the kind of thing that’s very important to us.
  • You’ve got experience. At least two years sounds about right.


So. What do you think? Sounds like you? Email and tell us about yourself. (Nothing bad will happen.)

New York
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New York


Our beautiful little corner of Soho is packed with cafés, bulging with restaurants, overflowing with shops, and teeming with creative people. Why do you think we moved here?


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