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San Francisco

Hello, this is Ueno. Nice to meet you.

OK. Now that we’re done with the pleasantries, we can get down to business. Because this is all about business.

You see, we love business, and we want more of it. But we don’t want to hire sales people. Tricky, we know.

You see, we are lucky enough to have a lot of incoming work. We don’t really need to sell things that much. But we do need to work with our potential clients on figuring out what they need, how we can help, how long it will take and give them a decent idea on how much it will cost.

That’s where you come in. Because we’re looking for someone like you. And by someone like you we most likely mean someone that has a lot of experience being a producer. That understands our world and what we create but maybe doesn’t want to be that much involved with the day to day activity of moving projects along.

You’d rather spend your time on the upfront part. Working with our CEO to craft proposals that nobody can say no to.

And that’s it really. It’s simple. Or sort of. But it’s also super complicated, so we wrote down some bullets to make it slightly less complicated:

  • Our clients. We love our clients. They love us. And we want it to stay that way. You are really good at making sure it does.
  • New clients. You are great at helping potential clients become new clients, and then slowly becoming just regular clients (see the above bullet point).
  • Relationships. Building long-term relationships based on trust comes naturally to you. Because you’re trustworthy — like us. You’ll be one of the first people our new clients meet with, so this is super important.
  • Business peace, business love and business understanding. You represent us to our clients, but you also represent our clients to us. That’s why you’re very good at understanding where they come from, figuring out what they need, how we can best help them, and communicating all that with the rest of us.

You like to get down to business:

  • You are super duper, super duper duper trustworthy. You never ever miss a deadline. Everything you say can be laminated, put on a wall and relied upon. Our people’s salaries rely on you doing your thing perfectly. There is no room for error. No emails can be missed, no promises broken. You are the first point of contact for our clients and first impressions are hard to change.

  • But you also don’t stress out. You are calm and collected. Clients feel at home when they talk to you.

  • When a new business opportunity pops up, you have a system. You always know how to respond and you do it very fast. Like same day fast.

  • You tend to, grow and nurture all our business relationships, new and old.

  • You understand our clients, and figure out their needs (sometimes before they do), communicating it all to the rest of us in a way that makes sense for everybody.

  • When a new business opportunity comes up, you make sure we make the most of it by responding in a way that works for both the client and our team, from first contact to internal hand-off.

  • You’re good at creating proposals and presentations, both working with our team and, if you have to, without it.

  • You maintain a pipeline of opportunities with new and existing clients, and review it regularly with management.

  • You make sure our initial estimates and contracts are reality-based and work out for everybody.

Experience. You’ve got it.

  • You’ve worked at a digital agency for 5+ years, taking care of new business or account services with great success. (We like success.)
  • You know how to develop a successful business development process, and make it happen.
  • You’ve fielded RFIs/RFPs.
  • You excel at creating and managing a solid pipeline report.
  • You really know how to communicate, both verbally and in writing.
  • You love working with people, but you like to think for yourself.
  • You’re exceptionally well organized, with a good eye for details.

That’s more or less it. Sounds interesting? Good. Apply below and let’s get this thing started.

Ueno is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Pursuant to the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance, we will consider for employment qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records.

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