People Experience Manager

New York

People Experience Managers take care of the people of Ueno, from their first day and throughout their time with us. They are responsible for managing our offices, maintaining good chemistry, and guarding our culture and values.
You are a people person. Someone people trust to help solve their problems because they know you care. And we mean you really care. You are their confidant, their advocate and their pal.

You’re organized but find balance in chaos. You’re reasonable but open-minded. You can go with the flow, or create your own flow. You’re all of these amazing contradictions that add up to, ultimately, a people person. And we’re nothing if not people-people here.

Our New York office has lots of of smart, interesting humans in it, and you’ll be the smart, interesting glue that holds them together. Helps them to thrive as individuals and as a team. Reminds them why we do this. Reminds them to maybe take a walk and grab a tea.

You’ll help plan team outings, happy hours, and our annual company-wide retreat. You’ll help us celebrate birthdays, uenoversaries, and all the awards we keep winning. You’ll help us build shelves for all the awards.

And yes, you’ll be responsible for some basic administrative duties. Making sure everyone has the tools they need, keeping the snack situation in balance, keeping an eye on facilities, working with HR and Finance on things like onboarding and expenses. But you know how all that stuff works. You’ve done this before, and you learn super quickly.

A couple more things about you:
  • You’re welcoming. You set our new hires and freelancers up for success, making sure they have everything they need to hit the ground running on their first day of work.
  • You’re a problem solver. You see a solution where others may only see a problem. You’re enthusiastic. You’re expressive and invite others to show their unique eclectic behaviors.
  • You’re (tech) supportive. You know your way around things like Google G-Suite, printers, Slack and all manner of Apple products, and you’re good at helping your less knowledgeable colleagues sort out basic tech issues.
  • You’re into culture. You know our values and our culture, and you help us maintain them.
  • You’re trustworthy. Simple as that.
  • You like order. You know there’s a place for everything, and you like to have everything in its place. You help develop people operations systems and processes that are specific to the NY office. You enjoy managing a creative studio, and you like beautiful design.
  • You see people. You’re a good listener with a high EQ, and you care deeply about your colleagues. You make our people feel at home at work.
  • You like a good party. You’re good at bringing people together and you enjoy hosting a good party. You plan awesome events that foster culture and build relationships.
  • You represent. You’re one of the hosts of our weekly all hands meeting.
  • You're experienced. You've done this sort of thing before.
Benefits and perks
Medical, Dental, and Vision Coverage
401K Matching
Pre-tax Commuter Benefits
22 days PTO + 10 days sick leave
Parental leave
$1,000 birthday bonus
$100/month fitness stipend
$1,000 annual learning stipend
$2,500 annual conference stipend
Catered lunch and snacks
Ueno is an equal opportunity employer (EOE). We are strongly in favor of diversity and inclusion.
New York
New York
New York
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New York

New York


Our beautiful little corner of Soho is packed with cafés, bulging with restaurants, overflowing with shops, and teeming with creative people. Why do you think we moved here?


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