People Experience Manager


Okay, we’ll go first. We’re Ueno. A digital agency hell-bent on creating the world’s most amazing digital products, brands, and experiences. Young-ish but maturing, small-ish but growing. Out of our fancy offices in SF, NYC, LA and Reykjavík we work with a bunch of companies you’ve definitely heard of, on projects you’ve probably seen, and products you may have used.

But enough about us. Let’s talk about you.

You are first and foremost a people-person. Someone people trust to help solve their problems because they know you care. And we mean you really care. You are their confidant, their advocate and their pal.

You’re organized but find balance in chaos. You’re reasonable but open-minded. You can go with the flow, or create your own flow. You’re all of these amazing contradictions that add up to, ultimately, a people-person. And we’re nothing if not people-people here.

Our Reykjavík office has lots of of smart, interesting humans in it, and you’ll be the smart, interesting glue that holds them together. Helps them to thrive as individuals and as a team. Reminds them why we do this. Reminds them to maybe take a walk and grab a tea.

You’ll help plan team outings, happy hours, and our annual company-wide retreat. You’ll help us celebrate birthdays, uenoversaries, and all the awards we keep winning. You’ll help us build shelves for all the awards. Seriously, so many awards.

And yes, you’ll be responsible for some basic administrative duties. Making sure everyone has the tools they need, keeping the snack situation in balance, keeping an eye on facilities, working with HR and Finance on things like onboarding and expenses. But you know how all that stuff works. You’ve done this before and/or you learn super quickly.

A couple more things about you:

  • You see a solution where others may only see a problem.
  • You’re expressive. In both Icelandic and English.
  • You know your way around things like Google G-Suite, printers, Slack and all manner of Apple products.
  • You’re inspired by a creative environment.
  • You’re inspired by creative people.
  • You’re someone we can trust.

What you really excel at is connecting. So connect with us below and let us tell you more.




Our two-floor office in central Reykjavík is full of smart and busy people who occasionally look up from their work to admire the great view of the surrounding mountains. And hey, is that the smell of pizza?


You know what to do

No need to be formal. Just send us your links and we’ll be in touch.