Senior Designer (Freelance)

New York

Well, hello there. Nice to see you.

You may have heard that Ueno is looking for a freelance designer to work at our New York office.

Someone to jump in for a few weeks or months at a time to give us the push we need when a new project suddenly comes up or when a small one suddenly becomes bigger.

Someone who’d be equally comfortable taking the lead on a single project and having a support role on many.

Someone who’d be one of us — a real part of our team — but who also likes the flexibility of not being full-time. (Not to say that wouldn’t be an option too, at some point.)

And your name came up. People mentioned that you’re all about insanely good design and user experience. That’s exactly what we need.

You know the ropes:

-You spent at least five years in a reasonably senior role at a digital agency or a startup, and lived to tell the tale.

-You’re competent, skilled and independent designer who is great at communicating with both clients and the rest of us.

-You know your way around the usual tools, Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch and all that. And you may or may not have experience with motion design and 3D — that would be a big, juicy plus.

Plus they say you’re a good person. That you call your grandma on her birthday, and that sort of thing. That’s important. We like that.

So, what do you think?

Fill in the form here below to introduce yourself. No big deal.

Talk soon.

New York
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New York


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