Creative Director

New York City

You’re a Creative Director.

The big kahuna, the head honcho. A beloved leader of designers, developers and interns, helping to create and sustain a culture of absolute goddamn excellence.

You attract fantastic people and inspire them to do the best work of their careers.

Clients love you. Because you and your team can take the almost imperceptible hint of their idea and wrench it into beautiful existence.

Creatively, you keep us on our toes. You see where the puck is going. So what if you sometimes use “concept” as a verb? We can live with that.


7+ years design experience working in either Startup/Agency setting. A very keen eye for design and user experience. Strong knowledge of iOS, Android and Web Platforms. Prototyping experience a plus.

This position is based in New York.

*Oh, and by the way: Ueno is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Duh.

New York
New York
New York
New York
New York
New York

New York


Our beautiful little corner of Soho is packed with cafés, bulging with restaurants, overflowing with shops, and teeming with creative people. Why do you think we moved here?


You know what to do

No need to be formal. Just send us your links and we’ll be in touch.