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Sasha Lubomirsky is Ueno's new Head of Product Design

Jan 04, 2018

Is this thing on? Ok, great.

Please say hello to Sasha Lubomirsky, a good person who will totally water your plants when you go on vacation, and who also happens to be Ueno's new Head of Product Design, based in San Francisco. [Loud cheering]

Before joining us, Sasha worked with our friends at Medium, and before that, our friends at Airbnb, YouTube, Google and Android.

When we asked Sasha for a quote for this news item, she said she could probably say something about how she “believes product design is about marrying the intuitive with the analytical, and bringing them together to make something both delightful and useful." “That actually sounds great,” we said. “We'll just go with that.”

“Also, I could mention how I'm going to bring a laser focus on the users we're designing for and helping put in processes to understand them better,” she added, and posted a scary gif of gigantic Nicolas Cage, shooting down planes with lasers coming out of his eyes.

Sasha is originally from the Ukraine, but her family emigrated to San Diego when she was young. At Stanford she studied social sciences, and became interested in user research as a way to combine psychology with technology. That led to a research position at Google and later YouTube. And so on, and so forth.

Any last words, Sasha? “Good design isn't just about making something people can use. It's also about making something people love. And that takes a much broader understanding of the people you’re designing for.”

Want more Sasha? Read her Dear Ueno column about how to transition from graphic design to product design.

Want to join Sasha and the rest of us? Because we're hiring.