You want chips with that?

Marketing SiFive’s revolutionary chip design tools

Oct 16, 2018

Our friends at SiFive are revolutionizing the silicon industry.

Until now, only the biggest players with the deepest pockets could create custom chips. Now, thanks to SiFive's powerful design tools, “every entrepreneur, inventor and innovator can translate their dreams into silicon.”

Using SiFive’s templated and customizable chips/core IP on an open-source platform, startups and hardware manufactures can create and customize chips/core IP to their specific needs for a fraction of the cost and with a fraction of the lead time.

It’s pretty amazing.

And we wanted their new marketing site to get that across.

Ueno worked with the team at SiFive to rebuild everything from the ground up, creating an entirely new user experience for the site. We also created brand new brand collateral, a voice and tone strategy, some highly detailed 3D models of their products, as well as a full set of photos highlighting their culture.

They’re happy with it. We’re happy happy with it. Will you be happy with it?

Only one way to find out.

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