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Ueno redesigns Reuters News for mobile

Sep 04, 2018

Some good news. We recently finished a complete redesign of Reuters News for iOS and Android. Released some weeks ago, the shiny new app is already spreading news, good and bad, far and wide.

Reuters, or course, is one of the largest news agencies on the planet, with 2,500 journalists in over 200 locations worldwide. Starting out with carrier pigeons, Reuters was the first to report on Lincoln’s assassination in Europe. So yes, they've been around for a while.

For most of its history Reuters has produced news for other media to distribute, but they’ve been focusing increasingly on delivering news directly to you, dear users. Most notably through Reuters TV, which, incidentally, is what we’ve been mostly working of with them until now. (Check out these here case studies.)

Reuters wanted to apply this focus on the end user to their main app, so they asked us to rethink the whole thing from the ground up.

So take a look.

Case Study: Reuters for mobile