Ueno goes wild

A new site for Icelandic Mountain Guides

Jul 17, 2018


We just wanted to tell you about our friends at Icelandic Mountain Guides and the new site we designed and built for them.

By one of those weird coincidences, Icelandic Mountain Guides is owned and operated by actual Icelandic mountain guides. That's probably why they care so much about safety and the environment.

They also care very much about people buying their tours, which is why we made them a fancy ecommerce site that's seamlessly connected via API to a third party inventory back end.

Along the way we tidied up their brand a little bit, gave their logo some love, and picked new fonts, all in the name of freshness and engagement. Using Mapbox, we also built custom maps for the site so hikers see where they're going. Which can be useful.

Design and development was done mostly by our Reykjavík team, well known for their interest in various outdoor activities.

Take a look