Sit still with ClearMotion

Just launched: new brand, website, hardware

Mar 05, 2018

Fewer bumps in the road: ClearMotion is a new technology that does to your ride what noise cancelling does to your headphones. Using a combination of hardware and software it transforms the way cars behave, making your drive smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy.

About a year ago a team from the newly formed company glided over to the Ueno offices in San Francisco, to ask for help with creating a brand identity, a marketing website, and aligning their industrial design with their brand.

These just happen to be a few of our favorite things, so we said yes. And now it’s all out there in the open.

When asked (as one does) about his favorite part of the project over lunch the other day, Executive Creative Director Robbin Cenijn, who led the work for Ueno, said his personal brand was to never answer pretentious questions like that.

Just kidding.

What he actually said was, “the storytelling part was fun and challenging — introducing a complicated new technology to an audience in an exciting way, making it feel real and tangible, using interactions and CGI assets we created from scratch. And then folding everything, including the product design, into the premium brand we set out to create.”

“That’s more or less it. Can you pass me the salt?” he added.

Check out ClearMotion's new site, then check out our case study.