Has anybody seen our new Producer?

Jessica Volodarsky joins Ueno in San Francisco

Jan 07, 2018

The Department of Nuenos is happy to introduce the indomitable Jessica Volodarsky, “Bringer of Structure and Clarity to Chaos and Ambiguity.” (That means she's a Producer.)

Jessica wasn't around to tell us about herself when we were writing this item, so we asked her new colleagues about her.

“I mean, I hear she's never rude to waiters.” — Katie, Developer in SF

“I think she told me she speaks Russian?” — Magnea, Developer in Reykjavík

“Well, Jess spent four years studying classical fine art before attending UC Berkeley where she took a hiatus from art. After graduating, she stumbled into the world of design and advertising and has been traversing between the right and left sides of her brain ever since. I read that on the internet.” — Carolyn, Product Designer, NY

“I think she mentioned she wants to be a hand model. She may have been joking. I'm not sure.” — Keene, Brand Designer, SF

“Follow me on Instagram.” — Gene, Designer, SF

“She says I can call her Jess, but I still call her Jessica. That's just me, I guess.” — Geoff, Developer, SF

“This is very silly.” — Lutzka, Executive Assistant, SF

“Jess spends a lot of time digging for vinyl, going to live shows, figure drawing, and traveling. She's also in a feminist book club, which consists of herself and her roommate. They're accepting new members if you’re interested.” — Liz, Marketing, NY

“Hi, I'm quote.” — Halli, CEO

“I've never met Jessica, but I hear she's a very pleasant person. I'm English, by the way.” — James, Developer, Reykjavík

Find out more on Jessica's website. Want to work with her all these other people? We're hiring.