A win-win-win situation

Ueno wins at Icelandic Web Awards

Jan 27, 2018

It's nice to win awards.

Last night, the good people on the Ueno team in Reykjavík came home from the Icelandic Web Awards with three new ones, including for Best Website and Best Online Store.

They look really nice, and so do the awards. We look forward to lining them up next to each other in a strategic location in the office, where approximately once a month the members of the team, from the most senior to the most junior, will take turns polishing them, to keep everybody grounded and remind them to be humble.

All three awards were given to us for Icelandic telecommunications company Nova's recently launched site. Part marketing, part ecommerce, and part customer preference management, the site comes with a new visual design system that reflects Nova's youthful, bold, and colorful brand, as well as the youthful, bold, and colorful people who worked on it. Completely redesigned to appeal to a larger customer segment, and give users a more intuitive and seamless experience, the site is easy-to-navigate, responsive and device-agnostic.

We're really happy about it, and so is Nova. And so were the people giving out the awards, apparently.

Here. Take a look.