We did a thing with Dribbble

Halli spills his secrets

Jun 26, 2018

Our very own CEO and social media intern, Halli, sat down for a chat with Dribbble cofounder Dan Cederholm on Episode 38 of Overtime. They discuss how Halli went from an engineering student to founding a global agency with 60 employees.

Halli peels back the curtain to reveal Ueno's origins and where he hopes our agency will go in the next few years (hint: it involves world domination).

Give a listen.

Dribbble is a community where designers can share what they're working on, and Overtime is their official podcast. Halli's been a happy Dribbble member since 2012, and he credits them with being a core part of Ueno's success. He wrote a love letter to Dribbble here.