A rebrand, essentially

Makeover for ad tech powerhouse Essence

Sep 23, 2019

Global ad tech powerhouse Essence launched an updated brand and a new website last week, both hatched in collaboration with your friends at Ueno. (That’s us, wink, wink.)

With 1,800 employees in 18 offices around the globe managing $4bn of advertising spend annually in over 100 markets, Essence uses data science and technology to make the world’s advertising more valuable.

“The new visual identity and digital experience for Essence focused on a stronger brand strategy and a refreshed verbal identity with a more cohesive point of view,” said Aaron Poe, Creative Director at Ueno SF.

The new design system, including logo, typography, color palette, photography, data visualization, and messaging guidelines, came to fruition in the website. Confident but refined, it takes an editorial approach to creativity, technology and people that differentiates Essence from their competitors.

“We needed a partner who placed the same importance on collaboration, and agility as we do,” said Sam Weston, Essence’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications. “Ueno was an exceptional partner for us throughout the process on everything from strategy and identity design, to the overall design and build of our new brand experience.”

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