Branded for good

A 72-hour creative sprint for non-profit Grounded

Mar 11, 2019

Over the weekend Ueno in New York played host to a 72-hour creative sprint during which one hundred people came together to create, from scratch, a new brand for Grounded, a Memphis based non-profit.

The whole thing was organized by our friends at Good Measure, an initiative that connects teams of volunteer creatives with nonprofits that need their help.

Volunteers included designers, copywriters, strategists, web developers, photographers and videographers, some flying in from as far as San Diego, Los Angeles, Missouri, Massachusetts, Memphis, Houston. Among them were five people from Ueno’s offices in New York, San Francisco and Reykjavík.

In three days this improvised agency came up with a new brand identity, strategy, copywriting, a promotional video, a website, and a name for the previously nameless non-profit.

“It was incredible to see so many people who didn’t know each other collaborate like they'd been working together for years,” said Liz Donovan, Director of Marketing at Ueno, who helped manage the sprint.

Grounded develops mindfulness curricula for students facing adversity and childhood trauma. Working with juvenile detention facilities and schools in Memphis, the organization helps build teams of student collaborators to creatively address youth violence. Its founders include two Emmy award-winning filmmakers, a nun, and a former White House photographer.

“The work happened. That’s easy to see. What’s harder to see is the community that was built in the span of two-and-a-half days,” writes Alex Anderson in a post on the Good Measures blog. “As a founder of Good Measure, the ambition is to do inspiring and effective work—but it’s also to see participants leave the weekend with a desire to affect change throughout the world.”

“Many of us want to use our skills to do good in the world, but don’t know how or where, so this is the perfect opportunity for us to get involved,” said Liz Donovan.

Grounded plans to officially launch its new brand later this year.

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