David Navarro is our new Executive Creative Director

New York

Jul 11, 2017

Hear ye, hear ye.

Good news! David Navarro — not the famous guitar player, but still — has finally relented, and has taken the position of Executive Creative Director at Ueno in New York. We’ve wanted to hire David for years, but he’s been smart enough to say no until now!

David comes to us from Stink Studios where he worked as a Creative Director on projects for the good people of Alphabet, Samsung, Spotify, Calvin Klein, Pitchfork, Audible, Starbucks, Wired, among others. Before that he was Digital Creative Director-slash-Head of Design for J. Walter Thompson in Amsterdam where he worked for ING, Kit Kat, BMW, Puma, MINI and SPA[SP1]. Also, he’s won some prizes, apparently.

Check out David’s personal website for all of that, then open another tab to see our open positions. Because we're hiring. Nudge, nudge.

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