Pinkies up

Dorsia is just so 2019

Feb 22, 2019

Let’s all raise a pinkie to Dorsia, the newest brand, website and app to come out of Ueno’s design laboratories in New York and San Francisco.

Founded by Andrew Armenante, flâneur and general man-about-town, Dorsia is the lifestyle brand for the traveller who hates lifestyle brands, and the travel app of choice for the modern “untourist.”

At the heart of Dorsia is the belief that every city has its own rhythm and its own secret handshake, and that finding it is what makes a city worth visiting.

The app uses fancy algorithms to pin down the places where everybody wants to be, before everybody wants to be there — providing discerning travelers and locals with an always up-to-date source of safe spaces to descend upon before they’re discovered by the riff-raff, so to speak.

Dorsia currently covers 15 global metropoles, and is rapidly expanding, obviously.

Together with Andrew and team, Ueno helped nurse the new brand to life. We aimed for a strong brand that resolutely refuses to do as it’s told — a brand that’s part bourgeois punk, part square peg, exemplified by the 'pinkies up' logo, and the tragically hip, slightly naive wordmark.

“We’re delighted to see the brand and product come to life,” said Creative Director Aaron Poe, who led the branding effort. “And we cannot wait to tell no one about it.”


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