The Pen and Gillian Show

New Executive Producers in SF and NYC

Feb 18, 2019

The Department of Nuenos is proud to present Gillian Rode and Pen Stanton, pictured here above, trying to find our offices on a map.

They are both joining as Executive Producers, which means they’ll lead client services and project management, Gillian in San Francisco and Pen in New York. It also means they get to tell the rest of us what to do. (Sort of. But not really.)

A surprising thing about Gillian is her frequent use of circus-related metaphors. That all makes sense when you figure out she used to work with the Cirque de Soleil. (It’s true.) More recently she oversaw a team of project managers who handled complex multidisciplinary work across hardware, software, services, and retail design at Fuseproject. There she worked with the good people of Kodak, Sodastream, Jet, iRobot and Tile, among others.

Pen joins Ueno after working in the Bay Area as a strategic consultant for small and early-stage startups on business growth and product development. Before that she worked alongside Gillian at Fuseproject, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the agency’s accounts. Her previous clients include ABC News, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Microsoft, Herman Miller. Pen was never in the circus, as far as we know, but she is a classically trained soprano and soloist singer. Wait what?

“As Ueno scales and expands we need experienced people like Gillian and Pen,” said our founder and CEO, Halli Thorleifsson. “They’re more than a pair of safe hands. They’re literally two pairs of safe hands,” he added. “Now can somebody show them where the offices are?”

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