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Good Measure and Ueno launch ‘100 Every Day’

Jul 22, 2019

Every day, one hundred people die from gun violence in the United States. That’s one 9/11 every month.

To raise awareness and put this number in perspective, Ueno partnered with some great people to create 100 Every Day, a campaign that highlights this horrifying statistic and challenges the creative community to do something about it.

Made with our friends at non-profit studio Good Measure, and freelance designer Kiu Yi, 100 Every Day invites submissions for an online gallery of posters highlighting the daily death toll in the U.S.

“Our goal is to help people use their creative skills for good, and bring attention to the reality of gun violence. The posters will be showcased on 100 Every Day's website and partner channels. We're adding new partners every day — from freelancers to agencies — and we hope to continue to grow this movement,” said Liz Donovan, Ueno’s Marketing Director.

The concept for this campaign was developed during a creative marathon Good Measure hosted with Ueno in March. The website was developed by Van Holtz Co., and multiple other agencies have joined the campaign with outspoken support to share and champion the project.

“We are not calling for restrictions to our Constitutional Rights, but just common sense legislation that will help save lives,” says Alex Anderson, founder of Good Measure.

Image by Marta Duarte Dias.


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