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Andy Giles is Ueno’s new Partnerships Director on the West Coast

Aug 27, 2019

Ueno is simply delighted to announce that Andy Giles has joined us as Partnerships Director on the West Coast.

This turn of events instantly increases the number of Partnership Directors at Ueno by 100 percent, with the formidable Karli DeFilippo moving to New York to focus on the East Coast and Europe.

And speaking of Europe, Andy grew up in the north of England, which makes him what is known as “an Englishman.” (Funny story: Andy really enjoys it when people ask him about Brexit, so please do that if you see him.)

Before moving to San Francisco in 2004, Andy was a semi-pro hockey player, which is a thing he claims existed in England at the time. More importantly, he was in “advertising,” another thing that existed at the time, and which brought him to the U.S.

According to our sources, advertising has changed a lot since Andy came over, but he still hasn't lost his accent. “An English accent is a potent weapon in our business,” he definitely did not say in a quote we completely invented.

Despite his accent Andy has had a brilliant career in SF in the last 15 years, working at agencies like ATTIK, Method, MetaDesign, and most recently, as Director of Client Partnerships at Character. He’s worked with companies like Toyota, Lexus, Coca-Cola, Nike, Netflix, Sony, Google, Facebook, and dozens of early-stage brands including 23andMe, Texture, Rothy’s Apostrophe, Automatic, and Spin.

“I look forward to supporting Ueno’s continued growth, and helping ensure we’re partnering with great clients, creating great work, and having fun doing it,” said Andy.

“Partnership Directors are usually the first people our new clients meet,” said Haraldur Thorleifsson, founder and CEO of Ueno, in a statement that sounded suspiciously like it was made up for a press release. “I have personally met Andy several times, and it was great. I think our clients will be very happy to meet him too.”

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