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Announcing 16 Uenoland speakers and performers

Apr 12, 2019

Uenoland authorities have released the names of 16 speakers and performers appearing at Ueno’s inaugural “conference” in Brooklyn this 2–4 May.

“We have put together what I think is a pretty unique line-up,” said Haraldur Thorleifsson, founder and CEO of Ueno, and mayor of Uenoland. “Our speakers and performers are a group of really smart people from different backgrounds, with different experiences, and on very different places on the creative spectrum. I’m really looking forward to hearing them speak, and so will you, probably, after you’ve seen who they are.”

The 16 speakers and performers are:

  • Angela Guzman, a designer and entrepreneur who designed many of the emojis on your iPhone
  • Carlye Wisel, a writer and video host who went to Disney World on a whim and basically never left
  • David Rees, who gave up a successful career as a cartoonist to focus on artisanal pencil sharpening, and much else
  • Erik Berg Kreider, Senior Industrial Designer at BIG, a group of architects, designers, builders, and thinkers
  • Graham McDonnell, a visual storyteller and the International Creative Director of The New York Times
  • Jen Flanz, Executive Producer and Co-Showrunner of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
  • Jocelyn Conn, a Senior Coordinating Producer of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
  • Jon Key, a painter, writer, designer and co-founder of Codify Art, dedicated to creating and supporting marginalized artists of color
  • Jonathan Mann, who made an opera based on Mario Bros, and has written a a song a day since January 1st, 2009
  • Kelli Anderson, a creative tinkerer who makes simple things that don’t behave as expected and renew our wonder at the everyday
  • May-Li Khoe, an artist and designer who helps people cultivate their own creativity, curiosity and critical thinking
  • Red Thalhammer, a designer who woke up one day and decided chocolate was the antidote to life's insufferable moments
  • Robyn Kanner, a writer and designer whose sympathy for a young conservative made many people very angry earlier this year
  • Sierra Tishgart, who likes food and cooking so much that she and a friend started a company to make beautiful pots and pans for you
  • Staffan Holm, a Swedish cabinet maker, journeyman, carpenter, and designer of furniture that makes people's homes beautiful and their lives better
  • Windy Chien, a Chinese-American artist who for a whole year learned and made one new knot every day

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