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Meghan Rose is a new designer at Ueno SF

Oct 10, 2019

Say hello to Meghan Rose, pictured here above, enjoying her daily recommended dose of vitamin C.

Meghan has just joined Ueno as a designer at our San Francisco office. We are especially grateful to her for having moved all the way from Toronto to be with us, which is exactly as nice of her as national stereotype enthusiasts would expect.

"I have always been a fan of Ueno," she said in a quote that sounds like we made it up, but is nonetheless real. "I wasn’t really searching for new opportunities and didn’t expect to be moving to SF. But I’m always up for an adventure and I love change.”

Meghan does a little bit of everything. After studying Interaction Design at Sheridan College, she worked with agencies in Toronto and Amsterdam, “doing lots of Augmented Reality projects, brand activation campaigns, and installations.”

You will be relieved to hear that you can follow her on Instagram, and Dribbble.

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