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Ueno designs and builds fancy new app for Icelandic telco Nova

Mar 01, 2019

Ueno's collaboration with Icelandic telecommunications company Nova continues apace with the launch of Nova's shiny new app, redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up to match the user experience and branding of Nova's website, created by Ueno in 2017.

Nova became one of Iceland's biggest telcos by focusing on the wants and needs of the country's fickle youth. Having conquered that demographic, the company is now steadily adding products and services that appeal to people who work in offices and sometimes have to send emails.

The Ueno team worked in close collaboration with Nova during the four weeks of strategy and design, coming up with all kinds of elegant solutions to convoluted business problems.

Take a look at the new Nova app on Dribbble

"Our relationship with Nova has been molto fantastico," said Marco Coppeto who led the design from Ueno's bureau in Reykjavík. "Our work on their website and ecommerce was very successful, so redoing their app was a logical next step."

Coppeto, an Italian designer who joined Ueno in 2016, then did a theatrical chef's kiss, and added "please don't portray me or my culture in a stereotypical way in this press release."

The new app greatly expands the functionality of the one it replaces, letting users manage essentially all aspects of their relationship with Nova. It's also much smarter than before, offering personalized products and options based on users' profile or location. (When the app notices, for instance, that it's in a different country, it will offer its user the best roaming contract for that country.)

"It took Ueno's developers eleven weeks to build the app, using React Native, our own starter kit, with a couple of native libraries for speed and performance," said Ólafur Sverrir Kjartansson, Ueno's Technical Director in Reykjavík. "The Nova dev team was super dedicated and hard-working. A developer from Nova joined us on site for two months before launch, which made everything so much easier. Overall it was a great project."

"Now, will this press release be over soon?" asked Ólafur. "I'm pretty sure no one except our lawyers will read this far. And that's only because we pay them."

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