Please don’t use this cool thing we made for Google

Website Builder is an app for small businesses that will run us out of business

Nov 13, 2016

We just made a huge mistake.

We helped our friends at Google My Business design a clever app called Website Builder. It sounds innocent but in fact it’s a much-too-clever tool that lets small businesses create simple, great-looking websites for themselves in under ten minutes, without involving a fancy agency like us, or your nephew who knows HTML.

This isn’t the first time we’ve worked with Google. Remember the Santa Tracker? And all those illustrations? We thought they liked us over there. But now it looks like they’re trying to run us out of business.

Website Builder automatically generates a website using information from the business’s Google listing, and lets the user customize the site with text and photos. They pick a theme, choose a domain, and go live. It also keeps the website up to date automatically, and plays nicely with Google services like Maps and AdWords. It’s free, easy, and works on both computers and phones. Everyone can do it.

What were we thinking?

From now on all those small businesses won’t ask for our help. They’ll just go directly to Google My Business and help themselves.

Take a look, but please don't tell anyone.

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