Open and shut

New work for identity signal startup Proxy

Mar 27, 2019

Proxy, a digital identity startup that literally wants to open doors for people, came out of stealth mode today with a new site created by your friends at Ueno.

Proxy’s big idea is to build a platform that will eventually let all sorts of devices out in the physical world recognize you, and act accordingly.

“Let’s say I stop by to pick up a cappuccino on my way to work,” said Grayden Poper, Creative Director at Ueno, who, funnily enough, does not, in fact, drink coffee. “Proxy could potentially put in an order for me as I step through the door. Then later it could pay for my bus ride to the office, which, incidentally, would be weird because I always take my motorcycle. And then, once I’m at the office, Proxy could magically unlock doors to the rooms where I can go and, somewhat less magically, keep them locked if I can’t. All without me lifting a finger, literally.”

Ueno’s designers and developers worked with Proxy to create the website unveiled today, designing the design, taking the photos and videos, animating the animations and developing the web development.

“Using React, Gatsby, and Contentful, we were able to build a fast static site that still has dynamic content from a CMS,” said Ueno Technical Director Geoff Kimball, dryly, sounding suspiciously like a press release.

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