The secrets of our success

Two new interviews in which the boss spills more of our beans

Sep 17, 2018

Good news for curious people. Two new interviews with Halli, our boss, have surfaced. One with Stephan Ango the Lumi podcast “Well Made,” the other with Tobias van Schneider of Desk Magazine.

Among the things you’ll learn (in one or both):

  • How to get clients
  • How to keep clients
  • How to deal with “difficult” clients
  • Halli’s real name
  • How to pronounce Halli’s real name
  • How to get a job at Ueno
  • How the role of agencies is changing
  • Portfolios with personality
  • The meaning of the Icelandic word “fagitjót”
  • The importance of being curious about the world
  • Good reasons for dressing up like a hot dog
  • And much more!

Ready? Here are your links:

Well Made, Episode 57: Bringing the Chocolate

Desk Magazine: How to Get a Design Job at Ueno

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