Thumbs up in Iceland

Ueno gets most nominations and wins at Icelandic Web Awards

Feb 22, 2019

We like awards. Awards are usually shiny, and who doesn’t love shiny things?

Shiny awards remind people of how great they are. But at Ueno they also remind us to keep our feet on the ground. Because to keep them shiny, every single one of us, from the social media intern down to the CEO, takes a turn at polishing them, once a day. And if that isn’t good company culture in practice, we don’t know what is.

Another thing about awards is that they really impress clients. That’s why we usually keep them in spots at our offices where clients will sort of come across them by accident when they pop over for a visit. They might open the fridge, for example, to get themselves some lemonade (that cool refreshing drink), and there’ll be our latest award.

“Uh, what’s that doing in there?” our clients will say. “Oh that," one of us (probably our Award Photographer) will reply, charmingly. “Just another award, I guess. I didn’t really notice it before you pointed it out.”

Where are we going with all this? Well, we just got some new awards last Friday, and now we’re wondering where to strategically place them.

After being nominated for eight awards at the Icelandic Web Awards, last Friday our team in Reykjavík came back with three, including Best Company Website (Midsize) and Best Ecommerce Store for Icelandic Mountain Guides, and Best Marketing Website for the Uber Rebrand Case Study.

(What happened to the missing five? They claim they don’t remember.)

Anyway. You should come to our office in Reykjavík some day and check them out. You know where to look.

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