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Ueno 1189th on Inc’s list of fastest growing companies

Aug 16, 2019

Ueno is the 1189th fastest growing private company in the U.S., according to Inc Magazine's annual guide, released on Wednesday.

The firm has more or less doubled in size every year since it was founded, in 2014, and grew by 349 percent in last three years.

“According to my calculations this means that Ueno will soon be the biggest company in the Solar System,” said Haraldur Thorleifsson, Ueno’s founder and CEO, shortly after hearing the news. “Assuming this trend continues,” he added, looking around to see if everyone got the joke.

“Five years ago, we started with nothing,” said Haraldur, when asked to come up with a serious-sounding quote for this story. “We’ve never borrowed money, and we’ve never sought outside investment. This is a major [expletive deleted] accomplishment, and I’m super proud.”

Scaling the company up so fast has been fun and challenging, according to Haraldur. “We want to be bigger so we'll be able to solve bigger problems for our clients, but we also don't want to lose whatever it was that made them want to work with us in the first place.”

To cope with the growth spurt, Ueno has focused on building the brand and the culture. “These are really two different sides of the same coin,” said Haraldur, stroking his beard. “If the culture is strong, you can grow without sacrificing quality.”

Ueno plans to slow down a bit in the near future. “Being big is not an end in itself,” said Haraldur. “Being big is just a way for us to do bigger things. Did I mention I want Ueno to design a spaceship?”

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