At home on every device

Airbnb adapts

We redesigned and adapted Airbnb to feel at home on mobile and tablet.

Launch the site

Travel responsively

A flawless mobile experience

With more guests and hosts using Airbnb on their handheld devices as they travel the world, the company wanted to make sure its mobile experience was perfect for both guests and hosts.

City, slicker

Redesigned landing pages

Airbnb’s city pages whet users’ appetite for travel by showcasing beautiful photos, profiles of neighborhoods, and tips from locals and travelers.

Less lost, more found

Redesigning search for the small screen

Searching for a place to stay on Airbnb is a relatively complicated business. Originally designed for the desktop, making it work with the limitations of mobile was a challenge.

Go to your room

Everything you need to know about where you’re staying

People want to know what they’re getting themselves into. Our job was to make it very clear, no matter how small their screen.

  • Rotation of inspirational photography
  • Words from the editors
  • Most popular
  • Map view
  • Travel guide promo
  • By interest
  • Articles
  • Featured tours

Hey, good booking

Closing the deal

Money changing hands is serious business. Better not make a mess of the booking process.

The host with the most

Managing the place on mobile

Airbnb wanted to make sure the mobile site worked for hosts, too. We designed a way for them to list spaces, edit descriptions, accept bookings, and more. Everything they can do on desktop, really.