Articulate Rise

Course authoring done right

Stay on course with Rise

A tool to create beautiful, responsive e-learning courses for Articulate.

Launch the site

Let that be a lesson to you

Authoring e-learning courses with Rise

Articulate Rise is a sturdy and flexible tool for creating interactive online courses. It automatically structures content, making courses easy to follow and helping readers track their progress.


What you see is what you get

Articulate Rise comes fully loaded with a WYSIWYG editor to help course creators structure content, write text, add images and embed videos.

Author, author

Create content directly in the browser

With no software to download, users author courses directly in the browser using Rise’s intuitive UI.

Hey, good looking

Pretty by default

Rise makes it all look good by default. Creators can focus on creating, learners can focus on learning.

We have a clip

The embedded video player

When words are not enough, go to video. With Rise, creators can drop embedded videos directly into their online courses.

Learning by doing

Interactive razzle-dazzle

Articulate Rise has learners swiping, tapping, and fully engaged. The interactive lessons are simple to build, fun to experience, and beautiful to behold on every device. Creators provide text and media, Rise does the rest.

The right size

Learning responsively

No matter the screen size, Rise makes every pixel count. Menus disappear, media rescales, and content reflows, to make it all feel at home on any device.