Boosted Boards

A cooler way to commute

Get on board

An immersive ecommerce experience, introducing the brand new second–generation Boosted Board.

Launch the site

... and, action!

Cut to the chase

A full-screen background video at launch immediately puts the user in the shoes of someone riding the new Boosted Board.

  • Immersive background video
  • Product shown in action
  • Prominent user reviews
  • Focus on community

Show, don’t tell

A video is worth a thousand words

Riding a Boosted Board is an exciting, visceral experience that’s best communicated with moving images, showing it in action.

First things first

Showcasing the product

Can checking out the Boosted Board online be as exciting as riding it? Probably not, but we certainly tried.

Chairpersons of the Board

The board in action

Nothing communicates as experience of riding a board better than watching people use it.

Goes everywhere

Responsively designed

From handheld to desktop, the Boosted Board website is optimized for the screen of your choice.

We used the accelerometer to keep a smooth and lighter experience on mobile devices