Build a better bugtrap

How to catch a bug

Bugsnag is a service that helps developers capture, prioritize, and fix harmful errors.

Halt and catch interest

Telling the story

Bugsnag helps developers catch bugs. We built a marketing site to catch the attention of those developers, and to engage their interest.

  • Presentation of product
  • Feature overview
  • User reviews
  • User list and logos
  • Free trial

Nice features

The product walkthrough

On the features page we present Bugsnag’s four main selling points one by one, with text and illustrations. Everything is simple and accessible, and the user can always click to go deeper.

An illuminating experience

Scrolling through the platforms

To demonstrate how Bugsnag works on backend, browser, mobile and desktop, we created an illustration that smoothly changes focus as the user scrolls through each platform.

Loud and clear

Say it with an icon

In line with Bugsnag’s branding, we created custom icons for use on the site.

Bugs on every screen

Designed responsively

Especially important for online marketing, Bugsnag works beautifully on screens of all shapes and sizes.