Carbon for iOS

Your personal valet

Hit it out of the car park

We designed the UI/UX of the iOS app at the core of Carbon, a new on-demand concierge service for parking and more.

At your service

Designing for intuitiveness

Life should be simple. That’s why Carbon is designed to be simple and intuitive.

Parking, but not as you know it

The way it works

It’s simple. You tell the app where you’re going and when you’ll be there.

Help is at hand

Meet the parkers

Carbon is an app with personality. Many personalities, actually. All of them waiting to help.

Wait, there’s more

Fill your trunk with stuff

Your valet can do more than park your car. She can also fill it up with a variety of good stuff she picks up on the way.

Level up

Collecting Carbon Miles

Each time you use the service, you collect Carbon miles. They’re kind of like air miles, but on the ground.