Rebooted and revamped

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Ueno worked with to reboot their brand and revamp their online presence.


In ten years has gone from bootstrapped startup to leader in online payments, providing global end-to-end services to thousands of companies, including Samsung, Transferwise, Virgin and Adidas.


Coinciding with its launch in the US, wanted to rethink its brand and online presence, making it more visually arresting and coherent. The company also wanted to set itself apart from its B2B competitors with a more friendly and human approach.


We worked closely with the team to take their already established brand strategy to its logical conclusion, rebooting the visual identity, shaping their tone and voice, and designing a new website. Work began in November 2017, and ended with the launch of the new website in February 2018.

Our role

Branding, strategy, website design, art direction, content strategy.

Time for a reboot

Upgrading the brand

After three years of rapid growth,’s branding no longer reflected the stature of the company. Following an already existing brand strategy, tweaked and translated here and there, we reworked and refined, overhauling the logo and developing a more sophisticated color palette.

  • CKO Dune
  • CKO Deep Green
  • CKO Midnight Blue
  • CKO Ocean Blue
  • CKO Coral
  • CKO Dove Grey
  • CKO Bright Green
  • CKO Storm Blue
  • CKO Sky Blue
  • CKO Rose

Letters of recommendation

New typefaces

In a field that’s not generally very touchy-feely, stands out for being attentive to the human and the personal. We wanted their new typefaces to reflect those values.

GT Super Display Bold
GT Super Display Bold

The human typeface of capitalism.

GT Super Display is a brand new typeface from our friends at Grilli Type. Contemporary and elegant, it looks great in large size copy in various formats and applications, online and offline.
Neue Haas Bold
Neue Haas Medium
Neue Haas Roman
Neue Haas Bold
Neue Haas Medium
Neue Haas Roman

No funny business.

A secondary typeface, the brisk and no-nonsense Neue Haas, is a highly versatile and legible sans-serif that pairs well with the more decorative GT Super Display.

All in the family

Icons for every occasion

We created a set of 22 new icons (some of them animated) for to use in various contexts. Closely related to the logo, they all derive from it elements like weight, shapes, geometry and color.

We created an icon system based on the logo and its line style. The system includes accents of green color that functions as the highlights of the concept.

Andrea MataDesigner

By the book

Visual identity guidelines

The brand bible is the final word on’s identity: logotype, typography, color palette, photography, illustration, tone of voice, and more. It comes with detailed instructions on how to use these elements in a variety of contexts.

The new visual identity needed to be clear, dynamic and trustworthy at a glance. We created a system that elevates the brand as an emerging leader in the payments sector as it’s entering the U.S. market.

Aaron PoeCreative Director

Now, look here

Custom photography

In a sea of sameness, we wanted’s photography to stand out. The result was a series of conceptual still lifes showing everyday objects lined up on a grid, with a hero object representing

The whole story

A website with a message

The new website is where everything comes together: branding, typography, tone of voice, photography, and all the rest. Check it out.

We wanted type and photography to set the tone for the visual language. The goal was to make the website feel more editorial and dynamic, while keeping it modular enough for the client to expand it in the future without outside help.

Jenny JohannessonSenior Designer

The Ueno team took the time to understand our product and unique value proposition, and were able to guide us through everything they were seeing in our industry. By exploring creative directions for us, they pushed the boundaries for our business offering. Ueno always took the time to listen, were pro-active and solution-oriented – just a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend the Ueno team and would be excited for an opportunity to work with them again.

Kimling LamSVP Marketing at