Sit still

A smoother, safer, funner ride

ClearMotion combines smart software and smart hardware to revolutionize car suspension. Ueno did the branding, marketing, and even a bit of product design.

A bleeding-edge combination of hardware and software that transforms the way cars behave on the road, ClearMotion does to your ride what noise cancelling does to your headphones.

ClearMotion needed a brand identity as well as an exciting online presence for their revolutionary technology. They also wanted to align the design of their physical product with their new brand values.

Ueno worked with ClearMotion over a long period, helping define their brand and the visual characteristics of their product. Their new website, showcasing the technology and the company, launched in February 2018.

That new brand smell

Building an identity

We started out laying the foundations of ClearMotion’s brand. Subtle, muted colors, a elegant but muscular typeface, a voice that’s authoritative but friendly, and a whiff of luxury.

  • #d7d8de
  • #464648
  • #ffffff
  • #eaeeef
  • #1b1b1b
  • #2fe8d6
  • #151515

Hey good lookin’

Nudging the product design

Ueno had a hand in the look and feel of the hardware, working with the product team at ClearMotion to select materials, and make the product both beautiful and visually consistent with the brand.

My favorite part of this project was probably helping the client to define the design of the actual product. Technology shouldn’t just work, it should also look good.

Robbin CenijnCreative Director

Inside job

Stripping the layers with CGI

Like any sufficiently advanced technology, ClearMotion is indistinguishable from magic. To reveal how it works, we built detailed CGI models of the hardware, and created a series of interactions. Users can peel away the layers and see for themselves.

The site is very media-heavy, with plenty of animations and interactions to puzzle over. Making it all work without compromising responsiveness was really challenging and interesting.

James DickieSenior Developer

Picture this

Showing system in action

ClearMotion transforms the way a car rides. To show how, we piled on more CGI.

Various Motion Studies
Haptic feedback
Road fingerprinting


Selected visual design


Adapting to mobile

Everything behaves a bit differently on mobile. For touch-based devices, we created some innovative custom solutions.

Working with Ueno has been invaluable to the progression of our brand’s visual identity. The design guidance they provide has exceeded our expectations and gives us an impressive standard that we are proud to uphold.

Shakeel AvadhanyCEO and Co-Founder

Batteries not included

But almost everything else

  • UI / UX Design
  • Art-Direction
  • Visual Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Motion Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Illustration
  • Brand Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Tone of Voice
  • CGI Art-Direction
  • Photography Direction
  • Motion Direction
  • Motion Production
  • Front-end development
  • CMS development
  • Animation