Out with the old, in with the new

Hello, Copper.

ProsperWorks the product had outgrown ProsperWorks the brand. So they came to Ueno to do something about it.

In 2014, ProsperWorks ushered in the era of the intelligent CRM, integrating directly with G Suite apps like Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, and Drive.

Four years later the innovative product had outgrown the brand. To better position itself as a leader in the rapidly changing CRM market, the company came to Ueno for a complete brand rethink, including a new name.

Enter Copper.

What we did
Strategy, Naming, Branding, Web Design, Art Direction, Photography, Tone of Voice, Motion Design, Marketing Material.

We were thrilled to work with Ueno on our rebrand. We knew it would be a challenge to pull off a name change and new visual identity on a such a short timeline but the process the Ueno team led was very efficient and extremely collaborative. It felt like one team working toward the same goal and we couldn’t be happier with the result!

Steve HolmVP of Product & Design, Copper

Thinking of a master plan

Strategy first

Listening to the people who created, sold and used the product helped us define a direction for what would become the new brand. The keywords: energy, simplicity, humanity.

Let’s see some ID

ProsperWorks becomes Copper

The new name had to reflect both the product and the brand: sturdy, grounded, friendly, and memorable. It had to work equally well for a productivity tool used by millions and a company worth billions. Plus it had to be fun to say.

The new logo would follow suit: bold and energetic but also playful and human.

Elements of style

The building blocks of a brand

Copper’s style guide makes sure its robust identity — logo, colors, typefaces, icons, shapes, and all the other little things — will continue to shine through consistently in every situation, from business card to billboard ad.

Callout box branding example
Icon examples
Button examples

A logo is not your brand. Your brand is the experience your customers have with you across every touchpoint. So, for Copper, we set out to create a friendly, approachable identity system that could easily scale over time. We’re super happy with the results because it puts the focus on telling the story of what’s next with Copper’s business model, and the colon as a punctuation mark signifies the beginning of something — a conversation, a relationship with their customers.

Aaron PoeCreative Director

Say cheese

Brand photography

The new faces of CRM

Copper is about people. So we took photos of a few of them to use in all kinds of settings, online and off.


A home for Copper

The new website

Because it involves so many elements, a website is often the clearest distillation of a brand. For Copper’s new site we created several different content modules and UI animations for the in-house team to work with.

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Targeting users and industries

Branding isn’t an end in itself. Copper’s website is designed to do the very practical job of persuading users to try the service.

It’s out there

Copper in the wild

A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for. The new brand is built to go from the safety of a style guide into the messy world out there, and live to tell the tale.

Billboard with the text 'Goodbye data entry, hello Copper.'
Billboard with the text 'CRM minus the bad stuff.'