Join the joyride

On your bike

Electric bike startup Cowboy came to Ueno with a prototype and a name. We worked with them to develop a fully fleshed-out brand, ready to conquer the world.

Cowboy is an electric bike startup founded by three friends with a background in software engineering. Based in Brussels, Belgium, the company’s first product is a beautiful motor-assisted bicycle designed to appeal to new buyers with a more beautiful design, a lower price, and better technology than the market is used to.

Barely out of the garage, the team from Cowboy came to Ueno with a name and a prototype. Over a period of several weeks we worked closely with them on all aspects of the brand, a marketing and ecommerce website, and the app that’s a big part of the Cowboy user experience.

What we did
Branding, Product Design, Web Design, Marketing Materials, Art Direction, Photography

Growth spur

Logo and colors

“Cowboy” is a word that comes loaded with connotations. We purposefully avoided predictable Western references, but the logo gives subtle nod to the spur, the small spiked wheel that riders use to urge their horses forward.

  • #ff3465
  • #ffeaef
  • #444444
  • #fafafa

We put the fun in functionality

The joy of the brand

The Ueno design team took Cowboy to the streets and found it an unexpectedly joyful experience. We really wanted to capture that joy in the brand, making Cowboy less about features and functionality, and more about the emotions it provokes in riders.

Cowboy is a new product in an immature market, and even if the bike itself is super slick, we thought, ‘Let’s bring an attitude that’s unique. Let’s be playful.

Romain BriauxDesigner

City slicker

Cowboy pictures

In a market that’s often more focused on functionality than good looks, Cowboy stands out as a beautifully designed object. Our photos set out to capture that.

Cowboy is run by passionate people with big ambitions who really believe in their product. Working with them in such close collaboration, and seeing the brand come to life has been very rewarding for us as designers. We’re really proud of what we’ve done here.

David NavarroExecutive Creative Director

Start showing off

The website

The Cowboy website is where it all comes together. Bold typography, strong colors, fun photography, and crisp messaging.

It moves

We created a series of animations for the Cowboy website, showing the bike in action.

Mobile, literally

The Cowboy app

Cowboy isn’t just a bike. It’s also a mobile app. An integral part of the product, the app is probably where owners will be in closest contact with the brand. The client spent time with our product designers in Reykjavík to hone the user experience and features, resulting in an app that Cowboy riders use to prevent theft, control the bike’s various features, and navigate using GPS.

Cowboy in the wild

Printed material

Digital is nice, but there’s something about the smell of ink. As Cowboy grows up, various printed materials start popping up. For example, there’s the Rider’s Guide, the product packaging, and various other marketing material.


Every Cowboy comes with a Rider’s Manual. It’s very useful and informative, but most importantly, it looks great on a coffee table.

Design and Technology is our main focus at Cowboy. When searching for the right branding partners, Ueno directly stood out from the pack: the level of quality and consistency in their work is unmatched. From day one, we collaborated with their team as one, truly working together as if we were one company.

Adrien RooseFounder and CEO, Cowboy