Dropbox Community

A forum for users

Think inside the box

Dropbox asked us to create a forum for users. Our role: UI/UX, strategy, development.

Launch the site

Help is at hand

Questions, answers, and everything in between

Users go to the Dropbox Community when they’re having problems. Our aim was to help them find solutions as quickly as possible.

  • Quick search
  • User groups
  • Product categories
  • Find even more help

Search and rescue

Finding answers

Most users begin with a search. We made a search box that surfaces possible answers as they type.

Community service

Categories and posts

The user forum is designed to be easy on the eyes, and flexible when it comes to different types of content.

Users can format posts, add images, and paste in code snippets.

Masters program

Attracting Super Users

To create a super community of super users, Dropbox set up a super section on the site, going over the super responsibilities and super perks.


Fun with 404

Not finding what you’re looking for is annoying. A fun 404 page eases the pain.

Coming to screen near you

From handheld to desktop

From the small screen to the big, Dropbox Community is designed to work for everyone, everywhere.