The secret of successful storytelling

How to be Famous

Even if you’re Famous, you still need to tell people what you’re about.

Launch the site
famous.co screenshot

Making a splash

What it is and how it works

Famous is a service for brands that want to showcase their stories, beautifully and instantly. In addition to their branding, we created a marketing site to explain what being Famous is all about.

  • Powerful hero
  • Industry-specific landing pages
  • Presentation of results
  • Clear CTA

Little things mean a lot

Custom photos and videos

To give potential users an insight into Famous, we produced a series of custom photos, illustrations, animations and videos.

famous.co screenshot
famous.co screenshot of Sephora content
famous.co screenshot of H&M content
In-house creation of video content using the Ueno studio
famous.co screenshot of phone green screen
famous.co screenshot of industry page

Talking to me?

Industry-specific landing pages

Famous caters to a lot of very different businesses — entertainment, finance, sports, beauty, and more. For each one, we created a landing page to address their industry-specific concerns.

Next, please

Targeting new industries is easy

When the Famous team identifies a new target industry to focus on, the backend of the site makes it easy to create a new page, tailored to their needs.

famous.co screenshot of about page

Behind the scenes

The about page

As a newcomer with novel product, it was important to tell the Famous story, introduce its investors, and the team behind it all.

Famously mobile

A flawless experience from desktop to mobile

From the small screen to the big, Famous.co is designed to work for everyone, everywhere.

famous.co screenshot in mobile
famous.co screenshot in mobile

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