Brand new

Doing famously

Famous lets brands link their ad, social and email campaigns to instantly loading mobile app experiences. For their own brand, they came to us.

First, the logo

The brand in a nutshell

A logo is the purest distillation of a brand. After many iterations, we found the right mix of structure, flexibility, seriousness and fun that expresses what Famous is about.

On message

The style guide

The style guide is a brand’s bible. From defining what the brand stands for to the colors to use on a business card, it keeps everyone on the same page.

Isn’t it iconic ?

A set of Famous icons

An icon speaks for itself. For Famous, we created a tailor-made set for use in all settings.

Desirable wearables

Famous tees

First you do the logo, then you do the t-shirt. That’s the law, right?

Taking it offline.

Digital inspires analog at the Famous office, designed and decorated based on the same moodboard we created for the brand and website.

Notable swag

Other marketing material

For clients, partners and others with big thoughts that need writing down, we designed a set of beautiful branded notebooks.