Collaborating on the cities of tomorrow

Everything in Flux

We redesigned the UI of Flux, a data exchange and collaboration platform for designing buildings and cities.

Building improvements

Project management made easy

We redesigned Flux’s project section to enable better sharing, duplicating and renaming. We also developed a better project creation flow with inline interactions and beautiful animations.

Colorful projects

A new palette

Each new project gets a pretty color assigned to it, so we defined a cohesive and pleasant palette from which to choose.

Keeping it in the family

A custom icon set

To complement the UI redesign we created a family of custom icons.

All together now

Bulk editing interactions

Bulk editing is tough to get right within small areas, so we designed an adaptive UI that transforms into a clean bulk editing state.

Sidebar aniamtion
Sidebar animation

Going into details

Expanded data keys

The data table shows only the most important information at a glance. When users need more, it expands nicely.

Sidebar deploy animation

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Sharing projects

Flux is a collaborative app, so we made sure experience of sharing projects was intuitive and pleasant.

Sidebar animation