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Behind every answer on Jelly is a real person.

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Getting ready for this Jelly

The birth of a logo

Working with the Jelly team from inception, one of our first tasks was to create a fun new logo.

Picture this

Illustrating Jelly

One picture > thousand words. To help new users quickly grasp what Jelly is all about, we came up with a bunch of nice illustrations.

Why does...That happened to me!
What can I…
How do I stop my dog from barking?

Join the club

Sign up and select your topics.

Jelly connects people with questions to people with answers. That’s why new users begin by selecting topics they’re interested in.

Selecting topics via the menu

Go ahead

Ask Jelly a question

Jelly encourages users to ask detailed questions, and suggests photos to go with them.

Asking Jelly a question
Asking Jelly a question

From A to Z

A topic for everything

From aardvarks to zoology, Jelly is full of interesting topics to explore and add to.

Asking Jelly a question
Some search results based on a question about running gear

Ask a simple question

Get a Jelly answer

To paraphrase Sartre, Jelly is other people. It’s a community, and it has all the A’s to all your Q’s.

Asking Jelly a question
Some search results based on a question about running gear
Desktop version of Jelly

There’s Jelly everywhere

Even on your desktop

Designed as a mobile–first experience, Jelly can also live on the desktop.

Of course it’s responsive

What did you expect?

From the small screen to the big, Jelly works for everyone, everywhere.

Notifications in mobile view
Jelly sign up screen in mobile view
Questions in tablet view

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