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Discovering a new planet

A complete overhaul of the website of the world’s most successful travel publisher.

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It’s a big world

Finding your way

Many people’s vacation plans start with Lonely Planet. With so much content about so many destinations, we focused on helping users find what they’re looking for, even when they’re not sure what it is yet.

  • Inspirational photography
  • Personal quotes from the editors
  • Most popular destinations
  • Map view
  • Travel guide promo
  • Featured tours
  • Articles on destinations and experiences
Continental inspirations

All over the map

A better way to discover

The Lonely Planet map is a tool to help users discover places and activities they didn’t know they were looking for.

Location, location, location

Your destination on one page

Beautiful location pages gather the highlights of every destination in one place: articles by travel journalists, city maps, the most interesting neighborhoods, the most popular activities, and more.

  • Slow-mo videography
  • Travel by neighbourhoods
  • Most popular
  • Practical information
  • Find a place to stay
  • Eat & Drink
  • Round trips

A moving experience

Immersive slo-mo videography

We designed the Lonely Planet website to stand out, with beautiful immersive photography and slo-mo videography.

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Designing the perfect travel article

Lonely Planet’s editors and journalists have produced a treasure trove of content about destinations and travel experiences. We made their templates organized, flexible and good-looking.

  • Quick introductions
  • Emphasis on photography
  • Guidebook promos
  • Seamless navigation between content

It’s iconic

Quick, clear and practical

A new set of icons helps Lonely Planet users quickly understand where they are and what it’s all about.

Take it with you

Big world, small screen

The Lonely Planet website is fully responsive, adapting to screens of all sizes and shapes.