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Planet for sale

An online shop to go with with Lonely Planet’s new website.

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One-stop shop

Books, etc.

Best known for its books, Lonely Planet also sells all sorts of travel-related things in its online shop. Designed to give all of them their moment in the sun, the homepage comes with a flexible modular system enabling editors to rearrange it at will, depending on seasons and promotions.

  • Inspirational photography
  • Personal quotes from the editors
  • Most popular destinations
  • Map view
  • Travel Guide promo

Look everywhere

Global contextual search

The Lonely Planet Shop comes equipped with global contextual search, showing users relevant results from across all of Lonely Planet’s online properties, based on their geographical location.

Details, details

The product pages

We designed custom templates showing all the relevant information and different options for each kind of product.

A sea of books

Finding what you’re looking for

Searching through hundreds of book titles, some of them very similar, could be a problem. Instead, we made it a possibility.

Let it flow

A smooth checkout process

An elegant checkout flow, easy to navigate, yet flexible enough to handle every possible edge case.