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A complete overhaul of the PrescribeWellness corporate identity and website.

Launch the site

Brand new

An updated logo and brand mark

PrescribeWellness, a leading provider of digital communications solutions for a network of more than 6,000 independent pharmacies, came to us for a complete overhaul of their corporate identity and website. We began by creating a new logo and brand mark.
Orange logo
Gray logo
Black logo
Logo black

Primary colors


Secondary colors

Screenshot of frontpage

Local hero

The where and the why

PrescribeWellness works with thousands of independent local pharmacies all over the US. The new site focuses on helping users find their local pharmacy, and explaining why they should prefer it to the big chains.

Look, we can explain

Visual storytelling

Why are local pharmacies better? We worked with The Furrow, a Kentucky-based animation studio, to create three videos that tell the story.

Screenshot of business-to-business page

Getting down to business-to-business

The B2B side of things

While a part of its new site is geared towards consumers, PrescribeWellness is actually a B2B company servicing local pharmacies. To reach out to potential new clients we created a separate site, addressing their concerns.

Think in solutions

Showcasing the services

How can PrescribeWellness help local pharmacists? Let us count the ways.

Screenshot of PrescribeWellness solutions page
Screenshot of patient engagement page

Juicy details

Unique solution pages

For every one of PrescribeWellness’s solutions for pharmacies, we created a custom page with beautiful illustrations.

Screenshot of population health page
Screenshot of better health page

In good company

All about PrescribeWellness

To give users a good feeling for what PrescribeWellness is all about, we made a bunch of custom illustrations and photos of the team.

Screenshot of search page
Screenshot of search result page

All over the map

Showing results

The pharmacy search result page features a map, as well as a list with details, including reviews and available services.

Screenshot of pharmacy profile page

It’s all there

Pharmacy profiles

Every pharmacy in the PrescribeWellness network has its own profile page, showing details like location, services, opening hours and badges.

Badges of honor

Custom marks of distinction

Pharmacies listed on the PrescribeWellness site get these colorful badges based on the services they offer to customers.

Responsively designed

Accessible everywhere

Big screen or small, the PrescribeWellness site looks good and works well on all your devices.

Mobile search screen
Mobile frontpage
Mobile map location

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